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Bounty Hunter
Mercenary (2)
Powertech (2)
Imperial Agent
Operative (2)
Sith Inquisitor
Assassin (1)
Sorcerer (1)
Sith Warrior
Juggernaut (2)
Marauder (1)
Recent Posts
Veneratio was founded by a group of friends and army-bro's in the summer of 2007 in a galaxy far far away. Through all the ups and downs, our idealistic views have always remained strong and have given us a chance to create a truly remarkable community. Most of our members are in their mid twenties with families and full time jobs which is why our philosophy has always been to never force attendance and to prioritize community above all.

That being said, when we run operations and warzones it will be done with our best foot forward. We pride ourselves in our ability to get results and dish out some serious progression all the while maintaining that enjoyable, laughter filled community.

If you find yourself intrigued, feel free to drop by our public forums on either website or apply HERE.
Guild News

The Server

Grovan, Dec 13, 11 1:39 AM.
Veneratio has been rolled on to a server called Ahto City. It is a PvP server as voted by our earliest members so feel free to smack around that self-righteous jedi that you see hunting down your baddies. And so for everyone who hasn't joined us on before they locked the guilds (ALEX!!), this is the server you'll need to join to seek us out. Most of us should be placed there automatically and put straight into the guild.

Remember that the automatic guild invite only works on one character so you'll need someone else to invite your alts and the like.

New Website!

Grovan, Aug 24, 11 3:43 PM.
This is Veneratio's main website. It's pretty much done so if you find things not working or something you'd like fixed, let me know. Also do make yourself heard if the background is too large for your screen or something.
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